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SC Concealed Weapons Permit

This South Carolina approved permit course is for all South Carolina citizens who want or need to carry a concealed handgun for their personal or family's safety. In this course, you will learn parts and operation of the handgun, proper and safe storage of a handgun, and techniques for the improving the skills needed for accurate shot placement. Also there will be instructions on the laws and the obligations of the concealed weapon permit carrier. Upon completion of this course you may apply to the State of South Carolina for a concealed weapon permit. You must be 21 years of age to enroll in this course.



  1. Information on the statutory and case law of South Carolina relating to handguns and to the use of lethal and deadly force.

  2. Information on handgun use and safe gun handling skills.

  3. Proper storage practice for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that reduces the possibility of accidental injury to a child.

  4. The actual firing of the handgun in the presence of the instructor along with safe handling of the firearm including loading, unloading and accurate shot placement.

  5. Legal provisions of prohibited carry locations as a SC CWP permit holder.

  6. Guidance on the proper selection of a concealed handgun and carry options.


Included in the cost of the course applications are targets, fingerprint cards and State Fees, that are required for permit application.


You need to bring:

  • A handgun with matching holster and belt.

  • You will need at least 50 rounds of round nosed a ammunition along with hearing and eye protection.

  • A valid and correct South Carolina Driver's License or SC State ID card must be presented during class.

  • Your lunch

  • Eye and ear protection are provided for those who do not have their own. We also have a limited number of holsters.


For those persons who are exempt from the Shooting and Safety Portion of the class we offer a four hour section on South Carolina Concealed Carry Laws. Please call us for the current schedule.


The fee for the South Carolina CWP class is $150.00 and includes all necessary paperwork, forms, photo's and fingerprinting. In addition, you are required to bring a firearm, 50 rounds of ammunition, and lunch.


Call now to reserve your spot



Every Saturday

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