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NRA Personal Protection in the Home

The NRA Personal Protection in the Home course develops the basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and effective use of a handgun for the protection of yourself and your family along with providing infomation on the law abiding persons right to self-defense in the home. This course is an advanced program for persons who hold conceal carry permits issued by their states. It allows for incorporating the members of the entire family into the safety plans and strategies for the home.


Our team of NRA Certified Instructors along with a State certified Conceal Weapons or Conceal Carry instructor will co-teach this 8-hour course.


Self-Defense and the Laws of Deadly Force for your state are covered along with the aftermath of a justified defensive shooting. Practical exercises in enhanced Gun Handling Skills, Safety Strategies and planning for how to respond or avoid Potential Threats around your home. Proven advice on firearm selections and ammunition choices along with additional equipment options (cell phones, lights, etc.) will be covered in the class.



  1. Defensive Shooting Safety

  2. Rules for Safe Gun Storage

  3. Mental Preparations and Defensive Mindset

  4. Developing Defensive Shooting Skills, Shooting Positions and Cover/Concealment


For this course you must have completed the NRA Basic Pistol Course or have a state issued Conceal Carry or CWP permit.


This course combines classroom and live fire range time with up to 100 rounds fired. ATP Training provides all targets and needed documentation along with the NRA course materials.

You will need to bring:

  • A handgun (any model other than a single action revolver)

  • 150 rounds of ammunition

  • Along with a holster and belt.

  • Optional: Extra magazines (or speed loaders).

  • You will need eye and hearing protection for this course.

NRA Personal Protection in the Home is an 8-hour course with a class fee of $125.

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