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CWP Class

Do you want to be able to carry a handgun on you at all times to protect yourself? Well now you can with our CWP Class. If you have previous handgun experience then this class is the next step for you to get your concealed weapons permit.


Tips for the class:

  • You must know how to shoot a handgun

  • You must know how to fix a jam, if one occurs

  • The first part of the class is the shooting test

  • The second part of the class is the written test (don't worry, you're instructor will make sure you know the material before you take the test)

  • This is an 8 hour course


Want to sign up?


  • Please sign up at least one week before the class

  • The class is $150

  • A $50 deposit is due upon registration

  • We take care of all of the paperwork for you (we take your fingerprints and mail your SLED fee for you)


What you need to bring:

  • Driver's License or a South Carolina photo i.d.

  • Your own gun if you have one (you can rent one at ATP for $5)

  • 50 rounds of ammunition (you can buy ammo at ATP-prices vary)

  • Holster if you have one (ATP will provide this for you)

  • Lunch (or you can leave for lunch during the break)

  • The remaining amount of the total class is due the day of the class.


Every Saturday

Call now to reserve your spot



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